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Success Stories


"Dear Mike,

Thank you so much for helping me with my physical therapy. It is so rewarding to be making improvement in the use of my arm. I, along with my husband Vaughn, are so thankful that you, along with the rest of your group, have selected this area to locate your practice. Everyone is so kind and thoughtful. We appreciate the extra time you take to talk with us and explain everything. It helps keep me motivated to continue the difficult and long process towards regaining the use of my arm.

Sincere thanks,
Phyllis K. Vif"

"I first met Tarry Butner in '94 when he did therapy on my hands then a year later on my shoulder. He helped me deal with the pain before and after surgery. When I was told he and a few others were going to open their own office, I followed them. I have been to other physical therapy places but none has been able to do as much for me as this one has. They not only deal with the pain in your body but are good for your soul as well. They are all a great group of people here. If they weren't I would not have come back to Tarry for therapy on my neck and back before and after surgery. And yes, I do recommend GO PT to my friends and family. If you want to get back to being a productive person, come here they can help!"

-Barbara Firl


"My physical therapy began here at GO PT on April 29, 2003 to strengthen the very weakened muscles in my left leg. A serious car accident caused fractures to my left hip, left femur and left ankle. After 2 months in the hospital, and 2 more months of being mostly bedridden at home, my leg muscles (as well as the rest of my body's muscles) were completely limp, weak and greatly reduced in size. I "walked" with a walker at home for a month and a half and then graudated to using only a cane.

Starting physical therapy began the upturn in my physical improvement. Mike Voelkel, my physical therapist at GO PT, put together a schedule of specific exercises for all 3 fractured areas of my left leg and hip. These exercises targeted the precise muscle areas which had become so weak.

After 2 months of physical therapy twice a week I am happy and thankful to say that my muscles have increased in size and strength to the point that I am now walking on the treadmill for 20 minutes at the speed of 2.5, which is how fast I used to take my walks. This machine requires a direct "pumping" pushing movement of the entire leg to strengthen it to provide independent support in the left leg while walking. The other exercises in my program target the muscles in my left leg, causing them to perform movements which strengthen them.

Physical therapy has made me very optimistic about regaining the normal use of my injured leg."

-Marie Schuberthan

"Doctor says I have arthritis. Doctor says I have osteoarthriitis. Doctor says I have pain in my legs at night because I am not taking hormone therapy. Doctor says I have degenerative arthritis.

Another Doctor says I have carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, irritated rotator cuff, inflamed muscles under shoulder blade and degenerative 3-4 discs (neck).

Upon telling doctor when I sneeze or cough, I get chest pain. X-rays were requested. Received referral to an osteopathic doctor.

Results were differences of opinion between doctors. Received referral to physical therapy. In receiving physical therapy, I am convinced that I may have various degrees of arthritis and degeneration, but my pain is being caused by irritation of my nerves.

By doing the warmups and very simple exercises, I do not have any leg pain at night. They also alleviate pain in discs, shoulder and chest.

I had had this night leg(s) pain since 1994. I have taken 2 Ibuprophen tablets every night through these years. I do not need to take them any more.

Thanks go to Mike Voelkel of GO PT."

-Norma I. Garlitz


"Mike Voelkel's approach initiated dramatic positive changes, both physically and emotionally. We have greatly accomplished far more progress, with my fibromyalgia in these last 4 months of treatments from GOPT then in the last 15 years of other PT's, massage therapists and chiropractors combined.

Thanks so much to all the GOPT's staff."

-Lisa Alisea

"When I started Therapy I could hardly walk and my back was so weak I could not do my house work. I had to sit or lay. Now I am back to normal thanks to Brett and Lori."

-Betty Glotfelty


"My experience here at Garrett Orthopedic has been most helpful. After knee replacement surgery, coming here for therapy, I was walking stiffed leg and bending my knee was painful. Within a few weeks, I was amazed how I finally could walk naturally without pain. Without therapy, I would not have recovered as quickly."

-Ron Hughes

"I went to GO PT through recommendation of a friend and my Doctor's office.

My therapist, Mike, took the time to explain everything, in layman's terms, from what my diagnosis was, the areas involved, the areas affected, to how best treatment would be, and what we were going to do.

We discussed my financial situation also, as I had no insurance. I was put on a plan that I could afford. Each session, Mike explained what we were going to do and why and how it affected the areas we were working on. Mike helped me form a routine I could easiy use at home. In 3 weeks time, I was able to maintain that routine. In that 3 weeks time I have increased range of motion and am decreased in pain by 90%. I would recommend GO PT and Mike to anyone. They really have a great staff and made me feel at ease. Thank you all!"

-Natalie Yarnell


"After several weeks of suffering with severe pain in my neck, shoulder and arm I gave in and went in search of some relief from my health care provider. We went through the standard procedures and tests and I was referred to an orthopedic specialist. The specialist put me through more range of motion tests along with more x-rays to get a better picture. Weeks later the tests were all in and I was told that they felt a treatment plan of physical therapy would help get me moving again.

I made an appointment with Tarry Butner at GOPT to finally get going with my treatment plan. I wasn't totally convinced that the therapy was going to help after all these weeks of suffering, but I listened to what Tarry had to say and started with his program. After two weeks of sessions with Tarry and working on a home program that he designed for me which included some creative home traction units that I could make with rope and towels I started to feel some relief from the pain that I had been experiencing for months. Not only was the therapy working, but also I wasn't waking up in the middle of the night with pain in my arm and numbness in my fingers. Tarry's therapy plan worked!

I am not pain free yet, but the neck pain is to the point that I know what I have to do when it does get bad.

After a follow-up visit to my orthopedic specialist I was told that at some point I would have to have surgery on the shoulder and arm, which again will involve physical therapy to get the arm working again.

GOPT will be my choice for that therapy also. It has been my experience in the past that the health care professionals that I have dealt with have been unwilling to listen to what you think is going on with your body. This was not the case with Tarry. He does listen to his patients and designs a treatment plan by what they tell him. You can see that he likes his job and is very good at what he does. I would highly recommend him.

Many thanks to Tarry and to the staff at GOPT for all your help in the past few weeks. I appreciate the work that you do and will continue to recommend your services to anone that might benefit from them."

-Elaine Kackley

"On July 27th, 2003, I was involved in an auto accident. As a result of the accident, I had some muscle injury in my neck and shoulder area. My physician referred me to physical therapy as a result of her diagnosis. She asked if I preferred a certain therapy center and I answered yes. I had a pleasant experience with Mike Voelkel when my daughter was being treated for torticollis, so I requested GO PT. Once again, Mike and his staff went out of their way to accomodate me. Good examples of this were evening appointments and extremely professional and polite service. As of today, September 19th, 2003, my injuries are 95% healed. I can only give the highest recommendation for GO PT."

-Bill Bittinger


"I came to GO PT with pain in the right knee. Pain was present for about one year. In addition, swelling was also present. Both conditions made walking, climbing stairs and other activities difficult. Mike taught stretching techniques as well as strengthening techniques to reduce swelling and increase mobility. Tarry taught a technique which forced muscle to relax reducing tenderness which I was able to do at home. 3 weeks later I was able to complete 20 min. on treadmill wih no pain and no swelling. Kind, caring, and service from skilled and knowledgeable therapists made a big difference.

-Patty Sines

"Dear Tarry,

Thank you so much for all you taught me to do to heal my foot. I hope you have a great 2004! I am walking just fine now and only feel a twinge over my right ankle once in a while. I think I can safely be discharged.

Gail N. Herman

P.S. You are an expert!"


"After two years of treatment from various professionals (ranging from orthopedics, doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists), I was extremely frustrated with the outcome of my recovery. I had been hit behind by a vehicle going 85 while I was at a complete stop. Needless to say, I was in pretty bad condition. I had been so determined to find someone who could be more successful in helping my pain. I was referred to GOPT and treated by Tarry Butner. After 3 weeks of therapy, I was able to do most everything I could do before the accident. The most important thing was not only was I feeling better, Tarry had educated me on various reasons as to why this pain was here or why I was so tense etc...I would not refer anyone needing therapy anywhere else."

-Debra Ignat

"My family doctor set me up with GO PT Physical Therapy for knee pain from an accident at home 7 years ago. I've had surgery twice that helped but my knee started giving me pain. I couldn't do anything around my house or shopping. If I tried to I'd end up in bed off my feet couldn't rest for 2 or 3 days.

My first time here I saw Mike Voelkel, PT, NCTMB, he talked to me and checked me over and set me up with Sonya Hinebaugh PTA. They both gave me therapy that day and set me up to come back twice a week. The next day after my therapy I had less pain. The more Sonya worked on me, the better I felt. She's just great on eliminating my pain. Many people don't realize what therapy will do for them and how much better they will feel after therapy. Come see Sonya Hinebaugh. She's great but they are all nice people here at GO PT Physical Therapy. They treat you like family and help you eliminate your pain, put you back on your feet. You will feel much, much better. You will get your life back. I would tell anyone to come here at GO PT.

This is my success story after coming here. They can and do help you."

-Lucy Wagner
Friendsville, MD


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